Our massage therapists


Janika Tsildermanis

Massage therapist
Level 5 therapist, graduated from Estonian Massage and Therapy School and is constantly improving her skills through different advanced trainings, in order to master new massage techniques.
Motto: Your Wellbeing, My Priority. Preferences: Active and healthy lifestyle. Research of human body capabilities and keeping it healthy.
Janika likes most about her profession that massage therapists can choose different fields such as sports massage, pregnancy massage, therapeutic massage, etc., which allows her to diversify her practice, develop and always move forward.

Sergei Barõsnikov

Massage therapist
Level 5 therapist.
Massage technique: muscles and joints diagnostics, identification of problem areas. According to the condition selection of individual therapeutic massage type.
Сonstantly engaged in improving his skills through many advanced training courses, mastering new techniques and is a future master of kinesiology.
Healthy lifestyle adherent. Vegetarian for 11 years. Favourite sport: jogging, fitness, gym. Motto: Happy and healthy clients make me happy, thereby giving me additional motivation to improve my professional skills.

Svetlana Volk

Children's massage therapist
8 years of experience, studied at the Estonian School of Massage and Therapy, and also abroad.
Certified representative of the "Hand-Brain" methodology in Estonia, which aims to support children with cerebral palsy.
What I love most about my job is the opportunity to help a child grow up healthy and happy. In practice, I provide comprehensive counseling and also teach mothers of little clients orthopedic swaddling techniques that help improve sleep, restful sleep and more successful development.
A photo of HELEN PALLO

Helen Pallo

Massage therapist
Graduated from a massage school in the speciality of masseuse and further education of a massage therapist. Have experience in this field by working as a masseur in various institutions, in the rehabilitation department of Benita's home, working in a Spa salon and Profysio. I have continuously completed additional courses (myofascial approach in body massage, the rolling technique in massage, deep tissue massage, cervico-cranial massage, stretching therapy, etc.). 
Helen wants to direct her energy to help people and contribute to making more happy and healthier people.

Anna Motskevitsus

Facial massage therapist
I never thought about becoming a massage therapist, but I always wanted to have my own business. In 2021, at Elena Zemskova School, I got acquainted with IQ Chiro-massage for the first time, and it became the love of my life. The philosophy of the school and the massage technique itself are very close to me. I constantly study various techniques and practices. 
Diploma in cosmetology is an advantage that helps me to help you, I’m always focused on the demands of my clients.

Our services

Designed to keep the body in good shape. Helps relieve tension and muscle pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces stress and improves well-being. Recommended for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those who play sports from time to time and actively.
Raises sports performance, prepares for long-term muscular work and accelerates recovery processes. Effective both before training, competition or active muscular work, and after.
This is a wellness and recover massage that is based on specific needs and health conditions. It is aimed at recover the functions of the organs of the musculoskeletal system, as well as other organ systems (digestion, respiration, cardiovascular system).
Neuromodulation plays an important role in pain management.

Massage reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and thereby speeds up recovery, reduces fatigue and stress. Deep relaxation is the result of neuromodulating massage.

Technically, neuromodulating massage differs from other types of massage in that it only affects the back. Since most of the body's innervating nerves come from the spine, virtually the entire body is affected through the back. The massage is based on stretching movements performed to different depths and asymmetrical massage of skin areas. Neuromodulation uses unusual directions of massage techniques compared to conventional massage. This type of massage slows down and restarts the nervous system, causing various sensations.
Kinesio taping is a widely used and recognized effective rehabilitation method for restoring and normalizing muscles damaged by overuse or injury, as well as for pain relief.
If you want taping together with a massage, 5-15 euros will be added to the price of the massage.
Pinched nerves and irritated scar tissue can cause long-term discomfort. Scar massage can be used to reduce pain.
Scar therapy can be started as soon as the wound has healed and there is no more inflammation or leakage (approximately 6-8 weeks after surgery). The scar's condition is assessed and documented at the first appointment, and a treatment plan is drawn up.
For best results, scars should be treated for 3 weeks to 3 months depending on their location and condition.
By influencing points and reflex zones in certain parts of the body (feet-palms-ears), recovery processes are activated in case of violation in any parts of the body or internal organs. It also gives general relaxation, improves blood circulation and metabolism.
t improves the flow of lymph in the body, which in turn improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and also reduces swelling and cleanses the body of toxins. Has anti-cellulite action.
Vacuum exposure enhances the movement of blood and lymph, as a result, improves the saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients and removes toxins from tissues. Cup massage has both therapeutic and cosmetic effects. It restores muscle function, improves well-being in asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia (in the subacute period), strengthens the immune system and also helps to eliminate cellulite.
Lava stone massage has a relaxing effect and calms the senses, warm aroma oil and warm stones open the chakras and activate energy. Lava stone massage is a treatment method that is thousands of years old. During the massage, the chakras are opened and the body is energetically influenced and recharged, i.e. the body is balanced.
It is aimed at working out problem areas and aligning the “figure outline”. Such kind of massage deeply works through the subcutaneous fat, breaking it down, thereby increasing the inflow and outflow of lymph, intercellular fluids and improving blood circulation, removing toxins from the cells. The result may not be visible immediately, but only after a few sessions.
This massage will work only in combination with other methods of dealing with cellulite.
Relaxing massage with a selection of aromas that increase efficiency and enrich the body with healing effects. Helps improve lymph flow, relax and balance various body systems.
Includes compression techniques and stretching in various positions of the body. Reduces muscle tension, restores muscle elasticity, improves joint mobility. It also improves well-being and psychological state.
It helps to strengthen and restore physical health, prevents the appearance of various diseases, improves overall performance.
The massage stimulates the skin cells and mimic muscles. Tones and relaxes the skin. Procedure suitable absolutely for everyone, but except the persons with l contraindications to massage.
Hiro massage is suitable for the persons who wish to alleviate the skin changes caused by ageing in order to slow down age-related changes.
The procedure includes: pre-cleansing, toner, cream, facial massage, toner, cream.
As an assistant is use professional innovative cosmetic cream SCHRAMMEK to provide the skin with a healthy, beautiful appearance and to solve existing skin problems.
Neuro-sedative facial massage is especially useful for the persons who experiencing emotional and mental issues and its consequences, such as chronic fatigue, apathy, sleep disturbances, irritability and psychosomatic illnesses.
Facial massage procedure is one of the secrets of youth, it increasing skin resistance to stress.
The procedure includes: pre-cleansing, toner, cream, face massage, toner, cream.
Relieves skin changes caused by ageing and is suitable for preventing signs of ageing. The procedure includes: pre-cleansing, tonic, cream, face massage, tonic, cream
During pregnancy, a woman undergoes changes in her body. It affects the physical, hormonal and emotional aspects. In order for a woman to feel physically well, so that the muscles have time to adapt to changes in posture, it is necessary to exercise regularly and restore muscles with massage. To do this, it is recommended to pay attention to your condition and help the body relax.

During the massage, the muscles relax and are saturated with oxygen, and the ligaments and skin become more elastic. Also comes an understanding of breathing in childbirth, which is very important to start practising in advance before the onset of contractions.

Proper breathing, massage and stretching, which we often use during the session, help in childbirth and in the postpartum period to recover faster.

During the massage, you need to wear comfortable clothes in the form of pants and a T-shirt.
Children's massage (up to 14 years old) and children's massage for children with special needs (up to 18 years old):
Massage for the babies, which, with apparent simplicity, helps the baby grow and develop, but also solves many more serious problems (various orthopaedic diseases). It has a good and calming effect on the psyche and promotes healthy growth.
Our therapist complements this massage with the techniques of Maternal Ethics (the method of Lyudmila Krasnobaeva). She also uses orthopaedic swaddling, which helps the baby to balance muscle tone, successfully and in time to master motor skills.
She also does a set of Hand-Brain exercises for children with cerebral palsy or special needs - a set of therapeutic exercises aimed at interrupting pathological movements and reflexes, balancing the flexor and extensor muscles, improving posture and fine motor skills.
It is indicated for children with speech problems and some neurological problems, including cerebral palsy. Also, speech therapy massage has found its place in cosmetic procedures - it has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the mimic muscles.
Senior massage has many physical, emotional, and mental benefits. With age our bodies become fragile, our skin becomes more sensitive, joints become stiffer and our muscles weaken.

Our specialists have special knowledge on how to improve circulation, joint flexibility, muscle tone and strength. Prior therapy session our massage therapist will discuss the condition of the customer and will check pressure levels.